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Bearings Online, Collegeville Institute May 2022

Voted "Top 5 Articles Published in 2022"

A young couple receives an unthinkable cancer diagnosis. In addition to treating the cancer, they find ways to cope with, and even embrace, their grief.

An exploration of stewardship in the time of Covid-19. Montgomery encourages readers to Breath. Relax. Just Like That.

Saint Paul Area Synod Blog, April 2020

Pastor Taryn Montgomery shares a powerful story of how our baptismal practices connect beyond our minds and souls, to our wallets as well.

Faith Lead, Luther Seminary June 2018

Taryn Montgomery insists that stewardship is most profoundly experienced in relationship with others. Here, she highlights three important movements leaders must engage to help congregants name, claim, and tell their own stewardship stories.

Currents in Theology in Mission, 2018